Divorce Attorney serving Atlanta and surrounding cities. No one expects divorce to be easy. But unless you have been through the process before, you may be surprised at just how exhausting divorce can be. Emotions run high, and there is often a great deal at stake, both financially and regarding children.

Custody Modification

Child Custody Modification in Atlanta and surrounding cities. There are times when an existing custody order needs to be changed to adapt to changes in your family’s circumstances. While it is possible to modify an existing agreement on your own without court approval– if you and your co-parent agree to the terms

Guardian Ad Litem

Guardian Ad Litem in Atlanta and surrounding cities. Georgia courts always prioritize the needs of the children in divorce and custody cases. When custody issues arise, a judge may appoint either an attorney or a non-attorney to act as a guardian ad litem (GAL). The GAL will take on the responsibility

Wills and Estate Plans

Estate Planning Attorney in Atlanta and surrounding cities. Planning for what will happen after you pass away is not always an easy thing to do. It is difficult to predict what will happen in the future, and it can often seem easier to not think about it rather than dwell on it.


Guardianship Attorney in Atlanta and surrounding cities. A court-appointed guardian is responsible for making sure that both the physical needs and the medical needs of the individual being cared for are met. At O’Driscoll Keller Law Group, LLC we offer assistance in obtaining guardianship for both minors and adults in Cumming and surrounding areas.

Special Needs Law

Special Needs Attorney in Atlanta and surrounding cities. Caring for a loved one with special needs presents a unique set of challenges. Adults with special needs, such as those with physical or mental disabilities, are often unable to work and earn income. Your loved one can often.

Juvenile Law

Juvenile Law Attorney in Atlanta and surrounding cities. Our law firm is dedicated to assisting families and children with a range of legal needs, including juvenile law. Minor children may not be able to be held responsible for crimes, but they can be punished for offenses – punishments that can create ongoing issues and negativel.


Adoption attorney in Atlanta and surrounding cities. We are here to help you through the adoption process. From beginning to end we will help guide you through the lengthy process of adding to your family through adoption. We have experienced attorneys who understand.


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