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Guardian Ad Litem In Atlanta and Fulton County, GA

Georgia courts always prioritize the needs of the children in divorce and custody cases. When custody issues arise, a judge may appoint either an attorney or a non-attorney to act as a guardian ad litem (GAL). The GAL will take on the responsibility of representing the children in the case, investigating as necessary to determine the facts and then presenting his or her findings and recommendations about custody matters to the judge.

Our Atlanta family law attorney at O’Driscoll Keller Law Group, LLC, serves as a GAL as necessary when requested by a judge. One of the defining characteristics of our law firm is our passion for children, which is why we are happy to be designated as GAL when we are needed.  We work hard to put the children’s best interests first!

Working For The Children

As a GAL, our firm pursues the truth with tenacity. We investigate all avenues that are pertinent to the question of custody, including talking to the children, parents, family members, boyfriends and girlfriends of parents, teachers, physicians, babysitters and anyone else as necessary. We will often go to each home that the children will be living in.

Although serving as a GAL requires gathering accurate information and seeking the truth in spite of considerable obstacles, the job also requires an ability to mediate and console families. Ideally, we will get the information we need and make determination before a trial is necessary to protect the children from the stress of trial. We also do our best to bring the family together as much as possible. Children need their families, and we want to encourage these bonds.

In the end we will submit our report to the court, which will give the family a chance to meet our recommendations so they can obtain a custody arrangement that is satisfactory to all parties.

If you would like to know more about our GAL services, please contact our experienced Atlanta divorce attorneys. Our staff is here to answer all of your questions.