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Guardianship Attorney For Atlanta and Fulton County, GA

A court-appointed guardian is responsible for making sure that both the physical needs and the medical needs of the individual being cared for are met. At O’Driscoll Keller Law Group, LLC we offer assistance in obtaining guardianship for both minors and adults in Atlanta and surrounding areas. We can represent you in probate court to demonstrate that your guardianship is necessary.

Having worked with numerous families in Atlanta and surrounding areas, we have seen how hard it can be when a loved one is no longer able to care for himself or herself. Our experience helping families who are struggling with such difficult circumstances motivates us to work hard on behalf of our clients. While we may not have the ability to solve every problem, we do have the ability to guide you through the guardianship process and help you protect your loved one. We are ready to put that ability to work for you.

When Does Someone Need A Guardian?

Everyone makes bad decisions. The court prefers not to make a judgment on whether a person’s decisions are good or bad. The law is designed to help individuals retain autonomy for as long as possible. Unfortunately, there sometimes comes a point in a person’s life where he or she loses awareness of the consequences of his or her decisions. Once the awareness of consequences is no longer there, it may be time for someone to step in and protect the individual from putting himself or herself – or others – in danger, whether it be physically or financially.

When your loved one stops taking medications as prescribed, forgets to pay monthly bills or shows other signs of dementia, it may be necessary to take over control.

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