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Juvenile Law Attorney In Atlanta and Fulton County

Our Atlanta family law firm is dedicated to assisting families and children with a range of legal needs, including juvenile law. Minor children may not be able to be held responsible for crimes, but they can be punished for offenses – punishments that can create ongoing issues and negatively impact the future of the child. Our firm helps protect juveniles caught up in the court system. We stand up for their rights, and seek outcomes that will best serve our clients and prepare them for a healthy, productive adult life.

We work with juvenile clients and their parents in cases involving both delinquency and dependency. In delinquency cases, the child has gotten into trouble with the law. When you find out that your child is in such a situation, it is important to contact our firm immediately. We understand the juvenile system and know how to form an effective defense on behalf of your son or daughter.

In dependency cases, the Department of Family and Children Services often becomes involved. As a parent or loved one, you may be on the side of the DFCS in attempting to remove a child from a bad situation, or you may be fighting back against the DFCS to avoid losing custody of your child. We work with clients in both circumstances. Whatever side you are on, contact us as soon as possible so that we can get started on your case.