Young girl hugs her adopted sister

Special Needs Attorney For Atlanta and Fulton County

Caring for a loved one with special needs presents a unique set of challenges. Adults with special needs, such as those with physical or mental disabilities, are often unable to work and earn income. Your loved one can often obtain government benefits, but these benefits are only enough to cover the bare essentials. What makes the situation even more difficult is that giving your loved one money and assets can disqualify him or her from getting benefits.

When you want to provide for your loved one, you need to do so in a way that allows him or her to retain benefits. At O’Driscoll Keller Law Group, LLC we can help you find legal solutions to the unique problem you face. With a special needs trust, we can create a framework for you to provide ongoing financial assistance without eliminating eligibility for SSI and Medicaid.

Taking Care Of All The “Extras”

Your loved one deserves to get the benefits that come for those with special needs. He or she also deserves to live a comfortable life, especially if you are able to provide the financial support necessary to maintain such a lifestyle. A special needs trust can be designed to supplement the benefits your loved one is getting, providing resources for things like medical and dental expenses, transportation, entertainment, trips and vacations, supplemental education and more.

Helping You And Your Family

Our firm is passionate about helping families, and we are committed to using our training, experience and knowledge to finding creative solutions for even the most complicated problems. If you are in Atlanta or anywhere in Fulton County, Georgia, please contact us today to learn more about special needs trusts.